How 3D Printing is used in Automotive industry?


The automotive industry is rapidly changing with the introduction of new technologies and innovations. 3D printing is one such technology that has made its mark on the automotive industry and will continue to do so for years to come. Here we will discuss about the ways 3D printing is changing the Automotive Industry and what to expect from it in future

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3D Printing in the Automotive industry:

  1. Prototyping – You already know this.

One of the major benefits of 3D printers in automotive industry is their ability to create rapid prototypes, to validate the design, in the pre-manufacturing stage. Companies can design and develop everything ranging from individual components to scale models faster than ever before. Prototyping in-house allows companies/businesses to protect their Intellectual Property (IP) as well as classified information.

  • Rapid Tooling

Rapid Tooling acts as a bridge to move from concept phase to final product phase. Rapid tooling is the key to produce functional prototypes in small quantities. Companies are widely adopting 3D Printing technology to create pre-series molds and then doing 50 to 100 iterations before shifting to mass manufacturing, thereby reducing the overall lead time and cost of product cycle. Companies also using additive manufacturing technologies to produce custom tools, jigs and fixtures on the shop floor.

  • Customization

3D printing can be used to customize vehicles, interior as well as the exterior. With 3D printing, parts can be designed and processed for a specific vehicle or driver. Ergonomic-designed products can be tailor made using this technology. The benefit of using 3D printing for customization is that it reduces the time and cost of producing small-volume parts.

  • End-Use Production Parts

The times when the use of 3D printing was only subjected to prototyping is long gone now. Automotive giants have already begun to 3D print final car parts. Companies are using design flexibility to produce 3D printed complex end-use car parts, which were not at all possible to produce using traditional methods. 3D Printing also offers on-demand production of spare parts.

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The future of 3D Printing in Automotive Industry!

In the future, specialized micro-factories will be developed that will use 3D printing technologies to produce non-standard parts. The automotive industry will shift from mass production to customized mass production. Industry experts said that 3D printing technology is expected to be applied to the direct production and mass production of various parts and components in the automotive industry with high precision and high speed. In the upcoming two decades, automakers will be able to produce fully 3D printed cars (80%-90% of the parts will be made using 3D Printing Technology). We can also expect automakers to offer fully customised cars – custom interiors, custom headlights, ergonomically-designed seats and steering wheels and much more.

How does 3Deometry work with Automotive Companies?

3Deometry Innovations works with various automotive companies such Mahindra and American Axle to provide them 3D Printing Solutions. Apart from manufacturing 3D Printers, we work across all stages of a product cycle, from prototyping to mass manufacturing.

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