We get this a lot and you might as well have the same query. Why Does ABS Warp ? How can I print flawless prints without worrying about warping.

Here are Seven tips that might help out with the issue –

1. HeatBed is a Must to Avoid Warping

ABS has a lot of tendency to warp and a heatbed is a must to reduce the temperature difference between the printing surface and the nozzle. While printing on glass a temperature between 85 to 105 Degrees is ideal. You will need to do quite a few of iterations, to find your ideal temperature. Try experimenting by increasing you temperature 5 Degrees at a time.

2. Use of Stick Glue.

If you using glass plate than this may help you up to a certain extent. The process is simple, first clean the glass plate thoroughly and apply glue stick in the expected print area. Just a single layer should do. Note – This should be done when the temperatures are at room temperature and not after heating the heatbed.

3. Use Fevicol

This is another possible solution for those who are patient enough to undergo through this process. You need to clear the glass plate, you will need a separate container where you can mix this fevicol glue with water in a 1:1 Ratio. Now apply this solution on to your print surface at room temperature. At times directly applying fevicol may also work, do find your ideal technique

4. ABS Juice Helps Parts Stick to the Bed

This is the best solution till date that will make your prints to stick for sure. Take in a bottle of acetone and throw in small chunks of abs filament. This could be the brim or support of your previous print and even the excessive filament strands from your previous spool. Add this chunk gradually until you get a thick solution of abs juice.

Apply this solution on your glass bed and you good to print. As we are too lazy we avoid this method as it’s too hectic to get through this process. We prefer using Step 1,2,5,6 and 7 instead, but when the parts get too tricky and we have failed twice or thrice in the easy steps, we end up using this method after all.

5. Brim Settings

Another possible alternative to make your abs prints to stick would be using the brim feature of your slicing software. We have been using this feature on simplify3d. Add approximately 10-15 layers of brim to make the part stayed glue to the print surface.

6. Nozzle Offset

Many prints fail as it does not have a gap free first layer. You can try pushing the nozzle a bit lower by giving it a 0.02-0.05 Offset in the slicing software, this will squeeze the material through and may lead to over oozing of material, but as the part progresses layer wise it tends to compensate.

7. Enclosed Chamber

A sudden breeze of cool air over the print surface in an open machine may lead to make the part warp. Using an enclosed chamber helps maintaining the heat within the printing environment thus avoiding layer separation. When parts are large and have more surface contact on the print surface we usually recommend this.

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